See what happy puppy owners have to say about their Castlerock Labs!

Wanda with Annie

She pasted a total of 4 competitions at yadkin river club and sandhills retriver club to get a Junior Champion  tittle.

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Susan and Miss Kittrell

She is so much fun and brings so much joy to our home!! We love her dearly!! She is such a good, smart girl. I can’t tell you how much we love her!

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Eric, Sandie, Hayden and Maverick

This puppy is all around amazing! We will be needing a blonde female from you in a while thank you!!

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Chris, Erin and Tuck

We are so happy with his progress and he’s an extremely well behaved puppy. Everyone who meets him has been impressed with how well he listens and minds us. He’s extremely friendly and and warm to everyone he meets… Not a good guard dog lol.
Since he’s been teething he hasn’t chewed on...
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Melissa and Oak

Oak is a fast growing boy. He’s almost 30 pounds :).

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Donna and Macy Mae

We are so in love with her and so thankful for you guys letting us bring her into our home. Love for everyone to know what beautiful dogs you guys have.

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Joel and Zefram

Zefram was born 2/11/2012, so he’s nearly 8,  but still in his prime. Just ask him if you don’t believe it 😎
He’s the best dog we’ve ever had…Zef goes to the beach almost every day to catch frisbees.

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Emerald with Birdie and Beaufort

Hi, I just wanted to send a new pic in of these two garden helpers. They are both enjoying the beautiful fall weather!

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William and Charlie

Undisputed as the best boy ever!  Born March 9, 2015

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Laurence and Honey

Here’s a pic of Honey at Sit Means Sit Training facility in Apex. She is the teacher’s pet. Ha!

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Ron and Reed

he’s very intelligent and I’ve had several people tell us they can’t believe how laid back and calm he is for a male 6mo old lab.

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Shannon and Hatty

Hatty met Lake Erie today. Someday soon she’ll be swimming in it! 💞💞💞. She’s a Cleveland girl!

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Harika and Capri

Here are some pictures of me on my first road trip and vacation.  I wasn’t sure how I would do on a two day car ride but I loved it. I thought I would sit on my human moms lap the entire trip but nope, I liked my big back seat.  I sprawled out...
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Debbie and Rocky

Rocky LOVES the beach!!!

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Meaghan with Wynne

She’s got a great personality, and is a quick learner.
Her favorite thing to do is walk the greenway in Charlotte and say hello to every single person and dog!

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Shannon with Hatty

20 pounds already! And look how beautiful she is. 💞

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