See what happy puppy owners have to say about their Castlerock Labs!

Jake with Hatty

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Melissa with Tucker

He is so wonderful! Plays with all dogs loves kids even though we have none. But when kids come to the beach area he Plays frisbee in the lake gives lots...
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Diane with Maggie

Maggie is so smart. She learns everyday. We do lots of adventure training and confidence building.
The very best dog in the world.

She discovered so many things!
Mud, eating mud, splashing...
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Jennifer with Rookie

Rookie (Molson and Godiva DOB 2/7/07) has been our pride and joy for over 13 years.  He is THE best...
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Summer Bean

She’s nearly 12 weeks and about 16ish pounds. Sweet girl!

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Jane with Bea, Bess and silly Boo!

Bea and Bess are...
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Charlie with Hank

He is already proving himself to be a smart dog...
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Eric, Sandie, Hayden with Maverick

Maverick will be (1)…and we want a female this time.

….my friends bought (2) puppies from you!

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Leala with Kenna

We love her… she...
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Craig with Ellie

She is a remarkable dog — as playful, rambunctious and eager to please as any Lab — who loves long walks, car rides, cuddling (on the couch, of course), learning new...
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Tracy with Camel and Olaf

Camel will be 6 in July and Olaf just turned 3 in April. Both are living their best lives….we put in a pool at the end of last summer and they...
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Jimmy with Duke and Bodie

First, they are...
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Alyson with Sophie

Our puppy, Sophie, is the sweetest and has brought us so much joy! She is completely spoiled and 9 months old now. We get tons of compliments on her – she is a pretty girl.

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Craig with Honey

Our Honey in her BB8 Halloween outfit.  She is a wonderful dog.

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Jennifer with Lollipop

She is terrific –
She is 3 and her name is Lollipop …
We just love her !
We have fantasies of getting another from you…

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Melissa with Oak

He’s such a good boy! He loves playing with any dog and any human he sees on his walks and at the dog park. At home though he’s pretty relaxed and loves snuggling. We love him!
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