See what happy puppy owners have to say about their Castlerock Labs!

Lisa from North Carolina

I just want to let you know Covey is doing great. He is adjusting and is just soo cute!! He slept almost 5 hours last night in his crate without crying so we were happy. Thanks again for everything.

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Missy from North Carolina

Cinda and Precious are doing very well. They are as different as night and day which makes for a balanced but entertaining time. Cinda is steady and focused where Precious is curious and carefree. We love them both so dearly. They are just finishing their last class in basic puppy manners and we’re looking...
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Karen and Gabbi from Delaware

We thought you would like to see Hanley all grown up. He was born to Jaeger and Ginger. He lives in Dover, Delaware with my daughter Gabbi. He has the best disposition and is a beautiful boy!



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Beth and Mark from Cary, NC

Just a quick note to say thank you for our beautiful little puppy “Rylie.”  It will be 4 weeks today since we collected her from your kennel.  We are learning a lot again about puppies and she is trying hard to be a perfect friend.  She’s already made great progress with outside potty and...
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Mike and Lisa from Wilmington, NC

Good Evening! Just wanted to send you this picture of Klowey … we adopted her last October from you … one of Sweet Savannah’s pups … I believe she was the second one left but she has been a wonderful addition to our family! Such a loving and great disposition!! Thank you, Again for...
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Kristi from North Carolina

Hi…..I wanted to thank you and let you know how much we are enjoying our two puppies we got. They are wonderful, sweet, smart, calm girls and we could not be more pleased! I have attached a picture of Journey taken a month ago! Thanks again!

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Commendation from a professional trainer

I have had the chance to train a  couple of your puppies from previous litters and have been quite impressed with their demeanor as well as trainability. I am currently working with a dog named Millie who is off of Jax and Solara.  Millie is a chocolate female and she is being trained for...
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Johnathon from Baltimore

I got a male chocolate lab from you and wanted to send you an update and picture of Toby. He is such a good dog and very smart, loving, and playful, especially with other dogs. After the first few days, he pretty much potty trained himself. He NEVER had any accidents after that! He...
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Blue Ribbon at Buckeye Dock Dogs

Alan from Ohio shared this photo of his dog Shiloh, sporting his first place ribbon!


Shiloh at 4 years old

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Travis and Sara from Utah

Doc at 3 months, 2 weeks. First trip to the mountains!

Greetings from Utah.  I thought you may be interested to see how our little pup turned out.  We named him Doc, and he is AWESOME.  He as the perfect temperament for us.  He’s quite a good looking pup, too.  He had his first trip...
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Laura Jon and puppy Boone

We hope you are well. This is a picture of BOONE, one of the puppies from D’Artanagan and Lady.

He has a WONDERFUL personality so far and we really think he’s great!

We saw you still have another puppy from his litter, (we thought all the boys were taken!).

We will send you more pictures as he...
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Malynda from North Carolina

Just wanted to let you know that we just finished our second visit to the vet and our pup is officially pronounced in excellent health.  He and our little Bernard have totally bonded.  Don is very happy with him also; he is so smart and sweet and loving, and completely attached to Don. I...
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Susan from North Carolina

Can you tell Gator is really part of the family!! We love our dog.


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Robin from North Carolina

Just wanted to give you an update on the Wells’ puppy, Castlerock Baileywick of Sandlewood. She is a very loving and of course playful puppy. We have enclosed a picture and as you can see our daughter, Taylor has a very close relationship with Bailey!

We are enjoying Bailey very much and she is a...
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Eric and dog Thor’s visit to Ocracoke Island

Just wanted to send a few pictures of Thor.  These were taken this past week in Ocracoke.  As you can see Thor has taken to the water.  Whenever we go to Ocracoke within a few short days the whole island knows him by name.  I’ll be walking him, riding him in a golf cart...
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Terry from North Carolina

I thought you might like to see Zoie at 12 months. We sure have enjoyed her.


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