See what happy puppy owners have to say about their Castlerock Labs!

Tracy with Camel and Olaf

Camel will be 6 in July and Olaf just turned 3 in April. Both are living their best lives….we put in a pool at the end of last summer and they...
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Jimmy with Duke and Bodie

First, they are...
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Alyson with Sophie

Our puppy, Sophie, is the sweetest and has brought us so much joy! She is completely spoiled and 9 months old now. We get tons of compliments on her – she is a pretty girl.

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Craig with Honey

Our Honey in her BB8 Halloween outfit.  She is a wonderful dog.

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Jennifer with Lollipop

She is terrific –
She is 3 and her name is Lollipop …
We just love her !
We have fantasies of getting another from you…

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Melissa with Oak

He’s such a good boy! He loves playing with any dog and any human he sees on his walks and at the dog park. At home though he’s pretty relaxed and loves snuggling. We love him!
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Art and Kathy with Coach and Fin

…thoroughly enjoying our 2 Labs. COACH (Bruce & Kimber) will turn 2 on February 11th; while FIN (Bruce & Siggy) was 6 months January 20th.  …great parents in Bruce and Kimber and Bruce and Siggy with beautiful, healthy, loving and fun offspring. Thanks so much!

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Max is 3 today!

Max loves to jump in bed with me in the morning and watch the news. He loves going for trail walks…and food!

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Eric, Sandie, Hayden with Maverick

We love this little dude!! This puppy is all around amazing! Thank you!!

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Mary with Sir Winston

He’s such a sweetie. He’s so smart! He’s been very well behaved and a willing learner. He’s delightful!

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Wanda with Annie

She pasted a total of 4 competitions at yadkin river club and sandhills retriver club to get a Junior Champion  tittle.

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Susan and Miss Kittrell

She is so much fun and brings so much joy to our home!! We love her dearly!! She is such a good, smart girl. I can’t tell you how much we love her!

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Chris, Erin and Tuck

We are so happy with his progress and he’s an extremely well behaved puppy. Everyone who meets him has been impressed with how well he listens and minds us. He’s extremely friendly and and warm to everyone he meets… Not a good guard dog lol.
Since he’s been teething he hasn’t chewed on...
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Melissa and Oak

Oak is a fast growing boy. He’s almost 30 pounds :).

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Donna and Macy Mae

We are so in love with her and so thankful for you guys letting us bring her into our home. Love for everyone to know what beautiful dogs you guys have.

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Joel and Zefram

Zefram was born 2/11/2012, so he’s nearly 8,  but still in his prime. Just ask him if you don’t believe it 😎
He’s the best dog we’ve ever had…Zef goes to the beach almost every day to catch frisbees.

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