Alex, Alissa with Kimber

Alex and I just wanted to send a couple pictures and update on Kimber to you. She was out of your Jan 14, 2017 litter with Boo Boo and Athos. She’s doing great and we couldn’t be happier with her! She is a very beautiful English lab and we get so many compliments. I did her basic obedience training and then we both deployed. While we were deployed she played on my parents ranch in Colorado and then went to a bird dog trainer for 3 1/2 months. Kimber LOVES to retrieve! She’s good enough to compete in Junior Hunt trials at this point. Then when we brought her back home she remembered all the house rules we had established almost 8 months before!! Thank you for raising such cool dogs!
Also, she’s 60lbs of pure muscle from her hunting training right now!

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