See what happy puppy owners have to say about their Castlerock Labs!

Jessica with Maggie Mae

Maggie is extremely energetic. She loves the outdoors, treats, and toys. She chases leaves and jumps through the trees. Her favorite thing to do is chew. She is growing like a weed and she is learning lots of new things everyday. :)
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Kay with Bennie

16 weeks old.  39 pounds. He's a good boy…swims in our pool (indoor and heated), plays fetch in the yard (he prefers sticks over tennis balls.....go figure), and loves his "big brother" (my daughter's golden retriever).
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Tracy with Aramis

Just writing to let you know that Aramis is doing beautifully and is so much fun! I can’t tell begin to tell you how many compliments we get on both his temperament and his looks.  He’s a great dog for our active lifestyle!
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Susan with Miss Kittrell

She is almost 18 months old. She loves truck rides and swimming in the lake and snuggling on my lap at night! She is such a good girl!

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Johnny and Kendra with Lando

I keep staring at this photo I took a couple days ago. Lando is so gorgeous. I just want to say thank you! ❣️

Such a big boy for 14 weeks! He really is a good looking boy, just like his parents Winchester and Jyn.

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Duane with Max

4 years old.  He rules the house!

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Henry is doing great and seems very happy in his new home.He loves being around other dogs. Vet said, it’s very healthy. Gained 10 pounds in four weeks.Everyone that meets him thinks he’s the cutest puppy ever. ❤️

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John and Dawn with Einstein

As of his latest vet visit this week he's just over 30lbs and happy & healthy as could be. Still quite the little biter, but getting better with that and all his other training is coming along pretty good.

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Diane with Maggie

She loves every dog she meets and every person. She’s no fighter, very easy going. She ... loves hikes and going for a beer.

She loves baths as well. I have to keep her from jumping in the shower with me. Thank you for being such phenomenal and thoughtful breeders.

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Kerry with Blake

Over the years I have purchased 4 puppies from you. I just made a deposit for another one. I purchased one from you in September 2016 and he is a 110 lb most loveable dog you could ask for.

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Meagan with Aramis

Aramis is getting bigger😂 He’s a great boy!

He’s loving the snow (particularly when someone is shoveling it) and he’s already learning tricks and fetching/dropping.

Potty training going well.  He now goes and sits next to the door when he wants out.

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Leala with Kenna

A year ago my sweet Kenna was born with you guys... Siggy and Bruce are her parents.. .  Here is a picture of her in her birthday girl attire... and some other ones recently.

She is so incredibly sweet and smart.

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Keith and Wanda with Annie

Here's pics of our lab Annie. She is now a AKC Senior hunting Champion. She has been a joy to teach to retrieve and has done very well. I will be using her for hunting from now on. Thanks for selling us such a nice pup.

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Liz with Samson

Our little Sam is doing a great job of getting big, snacking on tables 😂, and keeping his brother Jackson busy! We love him! Thank you again!

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Summer Bean

Summer Bean visits me “at work “ and gets some lap time too.

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Faye with Duke

Thank you for such a wonderful puppy and he still acts like one. He has been everything to me a loyal friend, a living friend, and so very smart.

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