Angela and “Bennett”

Bennett 15 weeks d

Hope you guys are well, wanted to give you a quick Bennett update.  He is now 15 weeks old and just amazing!  People stop their cars in my neighborhood to tell me how beautiful he is.  He is never short on affection and is the happiest pup anyone has ever met.

Started working with a trainer 2 weeks ago, she felt he was already too advanced for a puppy class so we’re doing private sessions and moving towards his AKC Good Citizen certification.  She would like to train him to be a therapy dog because of his temperament.  He is a natural born bird dog too, took him to a friend’s farm and they were amazed at how he watches birds and ducks.  They’re big hunters and offered to take him off my hands but there’s no way I could ever part with him!  He also swam for the first time that weekend with their dog, Drake, he was 13 weeks old.  By the way, Drake’s grandfather is Bennett’s 3 x great grandfather.  Pretty awesome b/c Drake is one of my favorite labs ever and one of the main reasons I wanted a lab pup.

He is such a smart & loving puppy, he adds so much to my life.

Bennet 15 weeks

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