Diane from North Carolina

Just thought I’d update you on our “little” Quinn. Pictures attached. She is THE BEST dog we have ever had!!!

At 7+ months now she is 58 pounds and a real beauty. She is polite, NEVER has an accident in the house, loves people, and other dogs and even wants to play with the cats (but they would rather not!)

She loves to go on walks – with the Easy Walk harness (a godsend!!!), can sit on command (unless at PetSmart), laydown and we are almost “staying”. We are still working on the jumping up at people – she just gets SO happy and excited to meet everyone!

Anyway – she has her own blog… http://beanaccountablechristian.blogspot.com/ She has been a joy to watch grow and we have ALL learned a lot!

Thank you for breeding such great dogs!



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