Diane with Maggie

We happily celebrated our 6 month milestone. It’s hard to believe she’s grown so fast.
Some things about Maggie:
-Everyone that meets her uses one adjective more than any other. Sassy.
– I cannot take a shower unless I barricade her out of the room. She will jump right in
– she hasn’t met a dog or person she isn’t kind to. (Kitties too)
– she will hug me
– she has many dog friends. She loves to play hard. She made up some dog games.  One of them we call “psychotic staring”. Every game ends in both dogs running at each other full speed, then wrestling like grizzly bears. The other day, she met a 3 month old. I wasn’t sure if she would be too rough. She jumped right into the role of mentor dog. I was so proud of her. She was teaching and letting the baby win some.
– she’s a little bit of a celebrity, everyone in the neighborhood seems to know her by name
– she can easily jump in bed, up in the suv, etc. if she has incentive. Without incentive, she gets up on her back feet, plops her front feet on the seat, and calmly waits for her mom to lift her bum. (!)
She’s never had issue with crate training. That being said, about two-three months ago, I stopped putting her in there. She’s fine on her own. (  I have dog proofed the house, of course) but no accidents. No trouble. I have a camera to watch her, and she’s a good girl. Never a problem.
– tricks & requests
Up up (stairs)
Lay down
High five
Twirl (right spin) Spin (left spin)
With me (heel)
Army crawl
Whisper bark

I’m probably forgetting some. If there is food involved, she could do algebra.
So at six months, she is 50 pounds, athletic and muscular, and as you can see, she is the prettiest girl in the world. (I might be biased)
I am grateful every day that I was led to you. Maggie is like my right hand and best friend. There has never been a better dog. ❤️
Diane & Maggie

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