Johnathon from Baltimore

I got a male chocolate lab from you and wanted to send you an update and picture of Toby. He is such a good dog and very smart, loving, and playful, especially with other dogs. After the first few days, he pretty much potty trained himself. He NEVER had any accidents after that! He is living with me in an apartment in Baltimore and he goes to a doggy daycare 3 days a week and LOVES playing with his friends there. The place is really nice and the people there love him. One of the girls trains police K9’s and she spends extra time with Toby teaching him tricks. The other two days he stays at my apartment by himself while I’m at work and I go home at lunch and walk him. He does great and hasn’t chewed anything up. On the weekends we go hiking at a nearby park where he will swim and jump off the rocks. He loves water and wallowing in mud. He has quite the personality. He’s great around kids and my nephews adore him. He’s also absolutely gorgeous and always gets compliments everywhere we go. What’s strange though, is he doesn’t care too much for riding. I have a Tahoe and he’ll sit up and look out the back window for a bit and then he just lays down. The picture I am attaching is when he was 5 months and one week old. I’m thinking he is going to be HUGE!!


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