Laura North Carolina

.  I just wanted you to know how much we are enjoying him!  We named him Jackson, and he is a real sweetie.  Of course, he has the expected puppy mischievousness, but he is sweet, handsome and quite intelligent.  His best trick so far is to run out and pick the newspaper up for us at the end of the driveway every morning.  Quite handy now that it has gotten cold!  He is very proud and is generously rewarded when he runs back into the house!  He basically will do anything for a treat…typical lab.


I am attaching a couple of photos of Jackson with our son.  One of his favorite spots is the window seat in our kitchen – he likes to snuggle with whoever else is sitting there, sleep on his own in the same spot, or just watch the squirrels (who he does not like!) and keep a visual patrol of the backyard.  I think he is going to be a bit territorial, as he does bark when someone comes to the door, etc.  I am glad about that, as our last lab – sweet as he was – never barked and was pretty much useless as a guard dog.  Not sure Jackson will be a guard dog per se, but it never hurts to have a big dog who is not welcoming to a stranger.


Many thanks for getting this special guy to our family.  We love him so much!




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