Laura with Hookie

Hookie, hookie, hookie!!!!

This beautiful boy is now probably 45 pounds of naughty love!!!

We are just in love with him still, despite his naughtiness.  Yes there are times when it feels a bit crazy and I question “was this a good idea”. But then I look at this beautiful boy and wonder how we lived so long without him.

In just a short 5 months this boy has become our family member. These are not just my words. Wednesday night we had to take a “family” picture for a charity. When I told my eldest daughter “Maya we have to take a family picture”.  Her response was, “well not exactly a family picture mommy because hookie is not here”

Last night was his first full night out of his crate sleeping. He did great!!!!  He often would cry when we went upstairs.  My husband was ADAMANT about him never coming upstairs…. As I stated, he slept upstairs in the hallway.  We have all fallen for him :)

Anyway, thought you’d want to see this big hunk of love :) Thanks and hope your summer is great.


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