Long time ago………

Hello to Castle Rock… I bought a puppy from you 10 years ago when I was living in Columbus.  Since then I have moved to Charlotte.  In between I lived in Florida and became great friends with a woman who owns a fabulously unconventional dog boarding facility.  I visit her every year and bring my lab, Trebbi, who Lisa has known and cared for for years.  This year, on my annual visit to Florida a few weeks ago, Lisa (who owns 4 dachshunds of her own) said she wanted to look into getting a lab as she’d had one before and misses a big dog.  She asked me for the breeders names and I just looked it up today.  I gave her the info and she said “the website says they are in Kittrill, NC!” I wasn’t sure it was the same kennel/breeder.  When I looked it up, I thought maybe so. But when I looked at the retired parents and saw her dad on there, I KNEW!  Lisa has left a message with you and hopes to buy one of your pups.  If that happens she’ll come up to Charlotte and we’ll come out together. Perhaps I’ll bring Trebbi to meet her dad if that is acceptable.  I’m so excited that you are so close now and that your business is doing so well.

I have loved this dog more than I can say and she has been such a loving creature.  She got me through a terrible divorce after a 37 year marriage and she is with me and makes me laugh every day.  We snuggle at night and I think her life has been wonderful.  I’m thankful everyday for her!!!

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