Michelle and puppy Boomer from NC

I wanted to take a few moments and let you know how Boomer is adjusting. It took a few days for him to get accustomed to the noise and chaos that two kids bring to a household, and I suspect he misses ‘his pack’… But he is adjusting nicely. We have him on a leash to encourage him going to the bathroom in the woods rather than in the grass, and he is fabulous! He is very comfortable on the leash (the kids walked him down the street with us yesterday), and he has definitely figured out that the woods are the bathroom area.

He is such a quiet, kind soul he is integrating into the household nicely. There was a little bit of whining when we put him to bed the first night and my daughter wanted to sleep on the floor next to him, but he is doing great!

He is spoiled rotten, and probably the smartest dog we’ve ever owned. He is wonderful with the kids – they run and play like wild animals :)

I’ve attached a few pictures so you can see how he’s grown! He is quite handsome!

Thanks so much for Boomer – he is awesome!


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