Missy from North Carolina

Cinda and Precious are doing very well. They are as different as night and day which makes for a balanced but entertaining time. Cinda is steady and focused where Precious is curious and carefree. We love them both so dearly. They are just finishing their last class in basic puppy manners and we’re looking to follow up with a more advanced class. We walk a little more than one mile each morning and again in the evening, choosing a different path each time.
They both are becoming very good on a leash and walking at our side. They go to Doggie Day Care at least 3 times a week from about 7:30 to 4:00. They love this especially since they are the biggest girls in their group. We always get good reports on them. Precious had her first all over groom last week. She’s growing out nicely. We plan to travel with them late summer, early fall and an extended Florida stay in the winter. I will send more pic’s in a couple of months so you can see their growth. We Love our Girls!

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