Sandy and Indy

He has grown from the 9.5lb puppy we picked up to a whopping 82lbs at 8.5 months!  He is doing great, loving the beautiful spring weather, and getting along wonderfully with our lab pointer mix LiLa (he knows his place in the pecking order… And she takes great care of him).  Indy has added so much love and an enormous amount of laughter to our lives. He is a goofy, laid back boy who loves going for runs (6 miles on cool days!), and playing outside, especially in the rain. He is a smart boy who doesn’t take himself too seriously, loves people and other dogs, and gets so many comments on how beautiful he is. We think he is awesome, and I think he thinks he is pretty great too ☺️. Thanks so much for our little (big) boy!

It is hard to deny how beautiful he is when I am stopped all the time for people to tell me ?. I was even stopped once while running Indy and LiLa and asked where I got him. When I told the man Castlerock Labs, he said he knew that had to be!  He had gotten a brother and sister from you all in a previous litter (maybe a year older than Indy) and they too were beautiful and looked very similar to him.  We compared our experiences and the disposition of the dogs and, without exception, had great experiences and great dogs with wonderful personalities. Thanks again!

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